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A long time off

Yeah, SO many time without posts.

Being pretty direct here, I'm now in a new job, but working at the same place (confusing, huh?), many new things, other not so much, but a LOT of work (which is a good thing IMO).

Also, I was concluding my specialist's final exam (a racing game featuring pullback spring-based cars, and also pretend to write a post about the game), which pretty much killed all my free time until now.


Because of all these things, the Crazy Minecarts game had not any updates (and I want to change it as soon as I can).

Crazy Minecarts: Android tests

For a februrary entry, it's a LOT of delay. But at least it's getting the "face" of a finished game (despite it's not yet).

Anyways, this weekend I was testing how well does my game runs on Android system as-is (i.e. without any changes). The good news is that it runs! Then I taught "great, I can port it to android with little to no adjustments".

Crazy Minecarts: a little delay

Well, things aren't always as expected, so I will finish this game a little after the planned date. But the project doesn't stopped, and I have screenshots to prove it laugh

First post and Crazy Minecarts dev blog

First article post about my works (after finally get a host).

This time, I'll write about my current entry about One Game a Month February entry. I'm doing it with the help of my girlfriend, Trayce, which helped me a lot with brainstorming, and is still helping with art and drawing stuff heart.

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